Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Evaluation Software Development (ESD) is a software company for the medical and psychological field regarding scientific detection and preperation of clinical and psychosocial data. Thus, the company's contractors have developed a professional electronic data base to answer clinical questions and to evaluate complex research projects. The best possible user-oriented customer service is one of the fundamental pillars of the ESD philosophy. A comprehensive customer service does not end with the payment of the invoice. In addition, we offer individual support for the the user's everyday work. The products of ESD are constantly under improvement, to ensure our customer's satisfaction. Our service contract enables the opportunity of effectice update mechanisms. We provide program enhancements and supplements for users that are related to ESD in an upright Service-Support-contract.


Our policies are directed at all employees at ESD who are responsible for the elicitation of requirements and/or the development of client specific adaptation. Further, the policy is of interest for clients, who are interested in acquiring CHES for conducting a clinical trial or for daily clinical routine as their obligations are outlined. Finally, the policy is directed at ptients, as it regulates how CHES is dealing with personal identifiable data.