Mental Health Program (CHES.PG)

An increase in the population's "cognitive health behavior" is applicable concerning the independent search for information. People try to find all the information available on various medical conditions, treatments and health behavior.

In this sense, the construction of a homepage as part of the health psychology project in Tyrol should be understood as a modern platform for the health seeking individual.


  • Providing information on health status
  • Presentation of information on diseases, symptoms and treatment strategies for a general target group
  • Psychological health check
  • Various psychological questionnaires are available online providing results immediately
  • Online Registration
  • Planned health psychology group
  • Addresses of treatment facilities
  • Online discussion forum with clinical psychologists

Software Features

The function of this website is to provide scientifically relevant information on mental health and overall quality of life. Using CHES-PG online with validated psychological questionnaires, the public can locate themselves on a continuum (below, average, above) in the areas of anxiety, depression, physical symptoms, quality of life and health behavior (see figure).

CHES PG malt

After filling out the questionnaire, users receive a short feedback on their values in comparison to a standard sample. If clinically abnormal values are computed, we recommend that the users clarifies with a psychological counseling, free of charge, the conspicuous values.

CHES PG result